Christian Club at Pennsylvania High School Claims It Was Prohibited From Distributing Bibles During Lunch Period

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    MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Students at a Pennsylvania high school claim that they were prohibited by their principal from distributing Bibles during their lunch period. The school district claims that the students never formally applied for permission, but attorneys for the students say that is because they were already told that distribution during the school day is not allowed at all.

    According to the Harrisburg-based Independence Law Center, in November, a student with the Christians in Action Student Club at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School attempted to share Bibles with his classmates in the cafeteria, but was told to stop.

    The Bible club’s teacher advisor was reportedly instructed by the principal to advise the student that he cannot distribute material during the school day, and if he wishes to do so outside of the school day, he must ask for permission.

    “Please inform him that he is not permitted to hand out Bibles during the school day. Like other literature, if he would like to request to distribute them outside of the school day, he may submit a request which will be reviewed in accordance with district policy and case law,” Principal David Harris allegedly wrote, according to a report by PennLive.

    The Independence Law Center consequently sent a letter to the school district to outline its concerns. It believes that the district policy surrounding the matter is constitutional, but the way that it is being applied by the principal is not.

    The Mechanicsburg Area School District is now

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