Christian Hip Hop Group Shares a Message of Hope to the Masses

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    Christian Hip Hop Group Shares a Message of Hope to the Masses

    Christian hip hop duo, Social Club Misfits, are on a mission to bring an authentic message of grace to the masses… and it’s working. The Capitol Christian music group, created by artists Fern and Marty, has found success in both the Christian and mainstream industries, peaking at no. 4 on the Billboard Rap chart for their song, The Misadventures of Fern and Marty. As Dove Award winners and nominees, the pair hope to reach a large audience to bring genuine conversations on depression and not fitting in.

    “We are two different men with two different testimonies,” Marty said in an interview with the Christian Post. “I was hurt by the church, but I came back because I had people who loved on me. Fern left the church, went to prison, and then came back to church. We have these two stories that, I guess, connect to a lot of people who feel like they have been misfits growing up in their church…”

    Their latest EP, MOOD, reflects three common seasons in life: on the mountaintop, in the valley, and transitioning. Marty shared that the duo wanted to ask the questions, “Is God still good in the mountain, is He still good in the valley? Is He always good? Do we trust Him in every season of our life, in every mood? Do we trust God with every part of our life?”

    The two-part EP starts with

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