Christian Leaders Warn About Dangers of Yoga, Commend Practice of Meditation

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    Christian Leaders Warn About Dangers of Yoga, Commend Practice of Meditation

    A recent study showed that the number of Americans practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation grew at a steady pace over the last few years.

    The study, released by the National Center for Health Statistics, found the percentage of Americans practicing yoga grew from 9.5% in 2012 to 14.3% in 2017. In addition, while only 4.1% of Americans practiced meditation in 2012, the number in 2017 stood at 14.2%.

    Many Christians view yoga as nothing more than a way to get into good shape, but some Christian leaders have warned that yoga has spiritual roots Christians cannot ignore. Last fall, Pastor James Lindell of James River Church in Ozark, MO set off a firestorm by telling Christians that they are opening themselves to demonic power through yoga.

    According to CBN News, he told his congregation, “Every single body position has a meaning.” Then he added, “Let me say this, yoga positions were not designed by your local fitness instructor. They were designed and they were created with demonic intent to open you up to demonic power. Because Hinduism is demonic.”

    In a 2015 episode of “Ask Pastor John,” pastor and theologian John Piper warned that the roots of yoga are radically different than the roots of Christianity. He said that it is “profoundly in those roots antithetical to a Christian understanding of God and the way he works in the world.” He concluded, “as I assess maximizing

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