Christian ministers bless baby dismemberment facility, say abortion is a ‘God-given right’

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    Clergy members bless a Texas abortion center. Fr. Mark Hodges

    FORT WORTH, Texas, November 15, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — As abortion business Whole Women’s Health fights a pro-life law in Texas, area women ministers expressed their support by collectively blessing the pregnancy termination provider.

    Last week, clergy sang “Alleluia!” as they prayed for the business and its staff. 

    Organizer Kentina Washington-Leapheart of the Religious Institute said the purpose of the media event was to promote the idea that abortion is an acceptable Christian thing to do. “We’re trying say (the pro-life) narrative isn’t the only narrative related to faith,” she explained.

    “Women seeking an abortion are largely women of faith,” the head of the Religious Institute’s “reproductive justice and sexuality education” she claimed. “They’re not having an abortion in spite of their faith, (their faith) is in many ways informing the decision they make (to abort).”

    She characterized pro-abortion Christians as “progressive people of faith.” “They have a God-given right to make decisions about their life,” she opined.

    Last week was also the end of the trial phase of Whole Women’s Health’s lawsuit seeking to stop a Texas ban on dismemberment abortions. The dilation and

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