Christian Persecution in China ‘Highest Level’ Since The Cultural Revolution

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    In recent months political and religious freedoms in Communist China have been restricted so much that the persecution of Christians under Xi Jinping is at its highest level since the Cultural Revolution.

    According to ChinaAid and other Watchdog Groups, Churches across the board are being shuttered, Bibles are being confiscated, and believers are being arrested at alarming rates.

    The groups detail that Christians and other Religious Minorities who are subject to imprisonment are often detained without a release date and or court hearing.

    Roughly 3,700 have been arrested in 2017 alone, according to ChinaAid. Many of the imprisoned have been detained for years, leaving their families to wonder if they are still alive.

    “For Christians alone, last year we documented persecution against 1,265 churches, with the number of people persecuted over 223,000. And that is just the tip of the iceberg,” Mr. Fu said. “In 2016, there were 762 cases of persecution, according to our documentation, with the number of people persecuted 48,000. It really is almost five times [as much].”

    Pastor Bob Fu, founder and president of ChinaAid, has said that President Xi Jinping will go down in history as “a sort of Chairman Mao, Jr.,” who carried out a “little Cultural Revolution.”

    As the Christian Journal has previously documented, many of the new regulations went into effect on February 1st, 2018. One of the new rules required all houses of worship to register with the Communist Government.

    According to Pastor Fu, the persecution of Christians has risen dramatically since the new regulations came into effect.

    “Since that time there have been thousands of churches banned,” he said. “We haven’t even had time to count them.”

    As a result of the actions by China against religious freedom, earlier this year the U.S. State Department issued a report that singled out China as one of a handful of nations marked as flagrant abusers of a citizens’ right to Religious Freedom.

    The Report uncovered that the Chinese Government was carrying out a campaign specifically for the intent of controlling all aspects of faith. The Report further detailed that the Chinese government is using torture to “force confessions and compel individuals to renounce their faith.”

    In addition to the installation of China’s new ‘Social Credit System,’ the Communist Nation has targeted those who are of the faith specifically. In response to the outrageous actions by the Chinese government; Pastor Fu stated that he hopes Donald Trump, the President of the United States, would take notice of what is going on and issue a statement regarding the atrocities.

    “I hope President Trump can tweet about this,” Mr. Fu said. “It’s already a human rights disaster.”

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