Christian Student Dies in Hong Kong Amplifying Anti-Government Protests

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    Christian Student Dies in Hong Kong Amplifying Anti-Government Protests

    Protests in Hong Kong have continued following the death of a Christian student who fell from a parking garage where police clashed with protesters.

    According to the Christian Post, the anti-government demonstrations have become increasingly violent.

    “Protesters in Hong Kong have added to their arsenal javelins and bows and arrows, in addition to bricks and petrol bombs as they clash with police armed with tear gas, water cannon, and live bullets, in violent standoffs now spilling into university campuses,” The U.K. Telegraph reports. Police also said some protesters have “shot arrows dipped in gasoline and lit on fire,” and have used “electric saws.”

    Last week, Alex Chow Tsz-Iok, a 22-year-old computer science undergraduate at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, died from his injuries after he fell from the third floor of a parking garage to the second floor. Chow fell as police were using tear gas fire to disperse the protestors in Tseung Kwan O.

    Protestors are blaming police for his death, vandalizing an on-campus Starbuck and the porch of the chancellor.

    “The police tell the public that Chow’s death is by accident. But I won’t believe in it,” said Jenny Chou, 22, a college freshman who was among the hundreds of people holding vigil at the site where he fell.

    “I hope he will move on to a better place and Hong Kongers will continue to fight for what we deserve,” Chou added.


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