Christian Wedding Venue Owner Denies Interracial Couple, Apologizes after Studying Scripture

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    Christian Wedding Venue Owner Denies Interracial Couple, Apologizes after Studying Scripture

    A Mississippi wedding venue, Boone’s Camp Event Hall, has apologized for canceling an interracial couple’s wedding based on their biblical beliefs.

    The couple had been working with the venue for about a week when they received a message indicating that Boone’s Camp would not allow them to marry “because of [their] beliefs,” according to the Christian Post.

    When LaKambria Welch found out that her brother, who is black, and his white fiancee were denied services at the venue, she drove to the location to ask why and recorded the conversation with a woman many believe to be the owner of the venue, Donna Russell.

    “First of all, we don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race, I mean, our Christian belief,” the woman said in the video.

    “Ok, we’re Christians as well,” Welch replied before asking, “So what in the Bible tells you that—?”

    “Well, I don’t want to argue my faith,” the woman said. “We just don’t participate…we just choose not to.”

    The video, which went viral with 2 million views, prompted a story with Deep South Voice and a follow up with the Washington Post.

    A few days later, the Washington Post explained that the owner of the venue apologized on Facebook after spending time in the Bible and talking with her pastor.

    “As a child growing up, our racial boundaries that were unstated were of staying in your own race,” the author

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at Christian Headline

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