Christians in Egypt Jailed for Operating House Church

    Updated: September 10, 2018 at 7:51 am EST  See Comments

    Authorities detained several Christians for worshipping at a Church which was unlicensed. The Christians were worshiping at the location because Muslim mobs had demonstrated against the Virgin Mary and St. Mahrael church in Luxor Governorate.

    Local police closed the church in Al-Zeneeqa village, in Esna, which was in operation for eighteen years. Five Muslims were also arrested in connection with the demonstration.

    The Copts were arrested even though they did not take any action against the Muslims which were protesting the church.

    Authorities charged the Christians who were worshipping at the unlicensed location with illegal gathering, disrupting public peace, and inciting sectarian strife, according to the local media.

    The Church was the third one to be closed after Muslims held demonstrations against their existence. Because of the protests, the police were granted the pretext of “security” threats for shuttering them.

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