Christians Such as Mike Pence Are ‘Bigots’ If They Oppose Homosexuality, Columnist Says

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    Christians Such as Mike Pence Are ‘Bigots’ If They Oppose Homosexuality, Columnist Says

    Vice President Mike Pence and other Christians who believe homosexuality is sinful are bigots tantamount to those who opposed civil rights and supported slavery, according to a well-known Washington Post columnist.

    The newspaper’s Richard Cohen argues in a new column that the beliefs of Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, about sexuality are no different than the racist beliefs from America’s past.

    “I have a question for those Republicans who, along with Democrats, demand the resignation of Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam for the abhorrent photo that appeared on his page in his medical school yearbook: If bigotry is repugnant, why not demand the resignation of Vice President Mike Pence for his ugly views on homosexuality?” Cohen asked. “And while they’re at it, why not insist that Pence’s wife resign her position at a school that discriminates against gays and lesbians?”

    Karen Pence is teaching at a private Christian school that affirms traditional biblical teachings on sexuality, as Christian Headlines previously reported.

    To argue that the Pences’ views are based on religious belief is inexcusable, Cohen asserts.

    “The Bible was used to justify slavery, and in my own time, racists cited this or that biblical passage to assert that racial segregation was precisely what God intended — the so-called ‘curse of Ham’ or the ‘mark of Cain,’ both used to add biblical authority to the rantings of bigots,” Cohen wrote. “Now the mark

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at Christian Headline

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