College Students LOVE Medicaid for All – Until They Hear the Truth

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    Ah the joy of free stuff – who doesn’t love free stuff right?  College kids thought that free healthcare was great; then someone said that they had to pay for it.
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    The Democrats have long touted Medicaid for All, or in other words, a single-payer healthcare system as “the” solution to rising healthcare costs.  Many of the current Democratic presidential contenders are pushing this flawed concept rather hard.  Especially Bernie the socialist Sanders, and Elizabeth Fauxahontas Warren.

    The idea here of course is very attractive in principle – that being that all Americans would have health insurance.  Who wouldn’t like that idea right?  A bunch of college kids were told this and they pretty much universally accepted this as a great idea.  Many if not all Democrats also think that Medicaid for All is the cat’s meow.  The difference is that college kids are young and inexperienced – while the Democrats are a little more well versed in the workings of the world and should therefore know better, remember I said “should.”

    Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips decided to see just what college students thought of “Medicaid for All,” both before they knew the details, and after.

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