Colorado Woman Who Tossed Newborn Over Fence Onto Neighbor’s Deck Sentenced to Life in Prison

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    HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — A Colorado woman who tossed her newborn daughter over the fence — who then landed on the neighbor’s back porch and was later discovered by the neighbor’s dog — has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of first-degree murder.

    “This tiny baby was smothered by her mother, flung over a neighbor’s fence and left to die by the only human she had ever known,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Christopher Gallo lamented in court this week, according to local television station WGHP. “This defendant hurled her newborn 11 feet over an 8-foot fence, knowingly consigning her to her death. This little girl died in the cold without the dignity of even a name.”

    As previously reported, Camille Wasinger-Konrad, 25, claims she didn’t know she was pregnant in January 2018 until she woke up with painful cramps and “[t]he baby just came out.”

    Prosecutors state that Wasinger-Konrad then covered the baby’s mouth so her landlord’s family wouldn’t hear the crying and carried the child into the back yard, where, after 10 minutes of deliberation, she threw the newborn over a nine-foot fence into the neighbor’s yard.

    Fox 31 Denver reports that police testified that blood smears indicate that the baby apparently bounced off a railing on the neighbor’s deck and the back of a chair before landing on the deck.

    “I just got rid of it,” Wasinger-Konrad allegedly told detectives.

    The neighbor told authorities that she went out to her

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