Conservative activist who helped get black metal band Watain’s concert canceled starts new petition to stop similar bands

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    The problem with heavy metal music is sometimes one of association. In the hands of the unsaved world, heavy metal almost always embraces death and pain and suicide and drugs and anger (metal is very rarely “happy music”). Believers have to be careful not to get sucked into the culture of nihilism and antisocialism that metal usually promotes. While it is true that pain and death are a part of life, the key to overcoming those things is not anger or suicide or revenge. The answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16). There is nothing in the Bible that praises or glorifies death in the least, so neither should our music. Lyrics that violate biblical guidelines or celebrate or exalt sinful conduct are not appropriate for Christians.

    With any kind of music, including Christian heavy metal, we must ask, “Is the music glorifying Christ, or does it glorify anger, lust, demonism, or some other sinful thing?” The style of the music is really irrelevant. It’s what the music communicates to our hearts and minds that matters, either through lyrics or even through the notes and instruments themselves. No style of music is actually “wrong”; it’s what the musicians do with the music that makes it either “right” or “wrong.”

    Canadian death metal band Cryptopsy is one of the bands named by the petition. Photo: S.

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