Couple Who Wanted to Adopt Newborn Abandoned in Indian Garbage Dump in Mourning as Baby Tragically Dies

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    NAGAUR, Rajasthan — A newborn baby seen in a viral video as she was left lying in the dirt at a garbage dump in India has tragically died in the hospital just weeks after a filmmaking couple declared that they wanted to adopt the child as their own daughter.

    “She fought, fought & fought. But at last, could not survive. Your little angel Pihu is no more,” wrote Vinod Kapri in an update on July 7. “Yesterday, I met her in Jaipur. She was very critical, but [I] never thought it would be our last meeting. This world was not meant for you. Rest in peace, my baby.”

    Kapri and his wife, Sakshi Joshi, are now asking for an investigation into the 25-day-old child’s death as they have many questions surrounding her care.

    The couple penned an open letter about the matter, published in The Quint this week, in which they outlined that on June 23, it was noticed that the baby was not keeping down milk. Days later, they were told by doctors that her hemoglobin level had also dropped and that she needed a blood transfusion.

    Kapri and Joshi were later informed that the infant had an infection in her intestines. She was supposed to have surgery to help correct the issue, but her platelet count had fallen too low and the operation had to consequently be delayed. She died hours later.

    “[T]he date of surgery in Jaipur was set for July 7, but by then her

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