Court OKs Trump Rule Defunding $60 Million from Planned Parenthood

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    Court OKs Trump Rule Defunding $60 Million from Planned Parenthood

    The often-criticized U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals handed a major victory to pro-lifers and the White House Thursday when it ruled the Trump administration can enforce a new rule that could result in Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers losing tens of millions of dollars. 

    The president of Planned Parenthood called the ruling “devastating news.” 

    At issue is federal money for Title X, a $300 million family-planning program for birth control, cancer screenings and STD testing.

    The new rule by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), supporters say, ensures that none of the money goes toward promoting abortion or conducting abortion. Critics call it the “gag rule.”

    Planned Parenthood receives an estimated $60 million annually in Title X funding.

    In June, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit allowed the rule to go into effect while the lawsuit from Planned Parenthood and others goes forward. Then, an 11-judge Ninth Circuit panel earlier this month announced it would hear an appeal. On Thursday, that same 11-judge panel ruled the earlier order by the three-judge panel would remain in effect – thus allowing the Trump administration to enforce the new HHS rule.

    “After due consideration of the emergency motions, the motions for administrative stay of the three-judge panel order are DENIED,” the ruling said. 

    The 7-4 decision means a majority of the 11 judges believe the Trump administration likely will win on the merits of the case. All

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