David Platt Prays for Persecuted Church in Demilitarized Zone Between North, South Korea

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    David Platt, teaching pastor at McLean Bible Church in Virginia, and former president of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB), recently prayed for the persecuted Church while standing in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

    Platt, best known for his book “Radical,” was standing near the remains of what used to be a church, where he said that murder and torture by communists had taken place inside.

    “When Japan was ruling here and the pastor at this church refused to participate in shrine worship, the pastor was martyred,” he also explained, pointing back to an even earlier time. “And so, right behind me is a picture of faithful saints who over the last century worshipped Christ here and paid for it with their life.”

    Platt said that there are churches throughout North Korea that have either been destroyed or are now used as communist training facilities, and so he felt compelled to pray that God would strengthen and embolden the persecuted Church in North Korea.

    “God, we pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in North Korea. God, we pray that you would strengthen them, you would uphold them with Your righteous right hand, [and that] You would help them in every way,” Platt prayed, “as they are worshiping in secret, as some of them have been exposed—they’re in labor camps right now.”

    “God, we pray please, please strengthen them, sustain them. Please help our brothers and sisters, Father, and know that they are

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