Dem dissection of Second Amendment begins in Virginia

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    Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is pursuing his gun control agenda with a Democrat-controlled Assembly. (Screen snip, YouTube, PBS)

    Democrats now controlling Virginia’s General Assembly immediately began dismembering gun owners’ rights with the quick passage of four gun control bills by the Senate Judiciary Committee, while one proposal to expand the definition of “assault firearms” was reportedly pulled, according to WHSV News.

    However, there is still a House bill that would ban certain “assault weapons” and limit magazine capacity to ten rounds.

    The Senate committee’s action seemed to confirm all of the fears Old Dominion gun owners have expressed since Democrats captured control of the legislature last November, thanks in large part to an infusion of $2.5 million by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund. The gun prohibition lobbying group wanted to flip the Assembly to Democrats in order to press a string of gun control measures.

    According to WTVR News, the bills passed out of committee Monday include SB 70 (universal background checks), one-gun-a-month (SB 69), local control of firearms and ammunition (SB 35), so-called red flag laws, and restricting firearms possession at public events.

    Catherine Mortenson, spokesperson for the Virginia-based National Rifle Association, told WTVR, “Regrettably, Virginia

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