Democrats Distort Morrison Transcript, Leave Out Pro-Trump Evidence

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    The testimony of Tim Morrison at the House impeachment hearings was widely viewed as supportive of Trump. But Adam Schiff removed the pro-Trump information from the Morrison transcript. Democrats distorted it in an effort to push their agenda with the left wing media. Republicans are furious.

    Democrats Omit Exculpatory Information from Summary of Tim Morrison Transcript via @BreitbartNews #shampeachment

    — Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) November 17, 2019

    Breitbart reported:

    “First, the committee withheld the transcript since October 31, only releasing it after the first public hearings began last week. Morrison’s testimony was rumored to be very good for President Donald Trump’s defense — Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) had described Democrats in the room during the closed-door hearing as “sucking lemons” — and Republicans would have made good use of it, had they had the transcript available. But it was not provided.

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    In the interim, Democrats had sole possession of the document. Schiff does not allow copies of the transcripts to be released to Republicans, either in paper or electronic form. If they want to read transcripts, they must do so one by one,

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