Despite All Expectations, Gun Sales Reached a Record High in May

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    SHTFPlan — There’s a reason why President Obama was often referred to as the “gun salesman of the year.” His administration stoked plenty of fears that gun rights would be restricted, which resulted in shortages of firearms and ammunition, and drove record gun sales. During the second half of his administration, it seemed like gun sales were at times, breaking records every few months.

    So when Trump was elected, most people assumed that gun sales were finally going to slow down, myself included. Last March I wrote:

    But with a Republican in the Oval Office, it appears that gun sales are finally going to slow down for the first time since the early 2000’s. Despite the fact that there aren’t any recent statistics to back this up, we can safely assume that it’s true based on a recent action taken by Remington.

    The gun manufacturing company revealed last week that they are going to lay off 120 workers from their Ilion plant, and 16 workers from their plant in Kentucky. According to Zerohedge and the Wall Street Journal, Remington isn’t alone. American Outdoor Brands, which used to be known as Smith & Wesson, is also losing sales. And this is a very recent trend. A month ago, the number of firearm background checks was still breaking records.

    You’d think that Trump’s ascent to the White House would allay the fears of conservative gun owners. But despite all expectations, recently released data has shown that this isn’t the case. Gun sales are still climbing according to the Washington Examiner.

    The spurt in terror attacks, including the recent two in England, are pushing gun sales into record territory just months after predictions that the election of a pro-gun president would end the rush.

    The FBI just reported that the number of gun sales background checks for May was the highest ever for that month, 1,942,677, a trend that will make 2017 the first or second highest year for gun sales.

    The continued growth of gun sales is in stark contrast to some in the media and industry who feared that the election of President Trump would snuff out sales that in 2016 were driven in part by concerns Hillary Clinton would win and implement strict gun control and an assault weapons ban.

    Clearly, fears of gun confiscations weren’t the only thing driving firearm sales. The Washington Examiner asked the marketing director of Hyatt Guns to explain this phenomenon, to which he replied:

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