‘Don’t come to school tomorrow’: Local schools add more police after threat

    Updated: March 27, 2018 at 6:34 am EST  See Comments

    There’s extra security at two local high schools Tuesday morning after more threats were posted to Snapchat, and police said at least one student is facing charges.

    School is being held as planned after the situation that began on social media Monday night.

    Parents reported a photo to Andover police and school officials that showed a photo of an assault rifle reading “Yes do not come to school tomorrow.”

    Officials traced the post to an Andover High School junior. Police went to question him and he was arrested. They also determined the photo of the rifle had been downloaded and was not taken by the teen suspect.

    In a statement, the Andover superintendent praised the teamwork of officials, writing “While we are confident that there is no danger, I am proud that the procedures we have in place in the event of a threat were followed.”

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