‘We don’t seem to be a priority’: Veteran shares photos of dirty VA clinic room

    Updated: April 30, 2018 at 10:36 am EST  See Comments

    (KSL/CNN) – After a veteran and his father posted to social media about an unkempt patient room at a Veterans Affairs clinic in Salt Lake City, a top administrator there said the facility is investigating why the space was in poor condition.

    Army Veteran Christopher Wilson, who served two tours in Iraq, shared photos on Facebook that showed medical supplies strewn out on a counter, a bowl containing a plaster-like substance sitting mostly full in a sink, and an overflowing garbage can.

    “I figured they would say, ‘Oh, this room’s not clean’ and take me somewhere else, but they just kind of blew past it, didn’t acknowledge it,” said Wilson. “They’re doctors, right? So, I figured one of them was going to say, ‘Let’s go somewhere else’ or ‘Give us a minute to clean it,’ but nothing.”

    Wilson’s father, Stephen Wilson, also shared the photos on Twitter, calling the sight “very unprofessional, unsanitary and disrespectful.” The post was retweeted more than 5,600 times by Saturday evening, and nearly 900 people left comments.

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