Dramatic Cold Spell Sweeping Across Half the USA Is Already Causing Catastrophic Food Crop Failures

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    Pestilence incorporates any and all forms of public and mass destruction and often accompanies famine (Ezekiel 7:15) or war (Jeremiah 21:9). Jesus forewarned of pestilence when He described the end times (Luke 21:11). PESTILENCE IS CONTAGIOUS, VIRULENT, AND DEVASTATING, The torrential rain of Biblical proportions in the Midwest ” pestilence in history have been a punishment for sin, Midwestern bankers are tightening the purse strings on farm credit lines amid some of the toughest financial times for farmers …

    Once upon a time so-called “preppers” — people who believe they should be prepared for any and all possible scenarios including the great apocalypse — were deemed ‘crazies,’ though mostly by city folks who believe, falsely, that grocery stores magically have endless supplies of food.

    The fact is grocery stores don’t have much fresh food stock at all, and limited supplies of long-term shelf items. Once the delivery trucks stop coming, they’ll run out of grub pretty quickly.

    What would cause those delivery trucks to stop? Widespread power outages. Large-scale cyberattack on computer systems that run trucking operations. War. 

    And natural disasters, such as weather. 

    He reports: The endless rain and horrific flooding during the early months of this year resulted in tremendous delays in getting crops planted in many areas, and now snow and bitterly cold temperatures are turning harvest season into a complete and utter nightmare all over the country.

    As reported by Michael Snyder at End of the American Dream, it’s not being discussed much beyond local media reporting,

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at HNewsWire

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