Elementary Teacher Comes Out as Non-Binary Transgender to K-5 Students

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    Elementary Teacher Comes Out as Non-Binary Transgender to K-5 Students

    A male teacher came out as non-binary transgender in a pre-recorded video for elementary students last month and asked them to start calling him by the suffix “Mx.,” according to a national legal group.

    The teacher at Allis Elementary School in Madison, Wis., was previously known as Mark “Vince” Busenbark but in the video to students announces he is neither a boy or a girl but “everything in between.” Busenbark asks the students to use pronouns such as “them” and their” instead of “him” or “her.”

    The video was shown to students in kindergarten through fifth grade May 16, according to Liberty Counsel, a legal group that specializes in religious freedom.  

    “You know me as Mr. Busenbark or Mr. B,” Busenbark says in the seven-minute video. “You’ve known me as the person in the science room, as the person with the plants and the animals, as the person who builds and helps you build. Most of what you know is true. Most of what you know won’t change. But there is one truth that I’ve hidden from you — until about a month ago from my fellow teachers and friends from family. 

    “I am transgender,” Busenbark says. “Do you know what that means? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve only heard those words through the filter of those who hate and fear.”

    Busenbark references a book, They Call Me Mix, about a girl who grows up to transition

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