Ellis County, Texas Joins the 2A Sanctuary Movement

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    Waxahachie, TX – Ellis County, Texas, joined the second amendment sanctuary movement on Tuesday this week (as did two other counties, one of which is in Florida). According to the Ellis County website,  it is another Texas County to declare itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Which is making it increasingly difficult for liberals to turn Texas blue in its entirety. ( The others are Edwards, Hudspeth, Presidio, Mitchell, Hood, Smith and Parker County). They must be vigilant, however, look what happened in Virginia.

    Ellis County Courthouse via Wikimedia Commons

    In July, Ellis County commissioners actually removed the rule that concealed carriers could not bring their firearms into the building — with the exception of two specific courtrooms. So they have been moving toward protecting gun rights all along.

    The official resolution

    CBS Dallas Fort Worth reported,

    The Ellis County Commissioners’ Court unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday upholding the Second Amendment which protects citizens’ “inalienable and individual right to keep and bear arms.”

    In July, the Commissioners’ Court decided to remove a lockdown of the Historic Courthouse doors, which had prohibited License to Carry holders from carrying within the building.

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