Evangelical College’s Invite to Pro-Life Screenwriter Who Believes Homosexuality Doesn’t ‘Offend God’ Questioned

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    MOSCOW, Idaho — A college co-founded by Reformed theologian Douglas Wilson is being questioned after inviting Andrew Klavan, a crime/thriller novelist and screenwriter for the pro-life “Gosnell” movie, to speak to high school students as part of an event teaching youth how to engage the culture for Christ. Although unrelated to his topic of discussion, the controversy surrounds Klavan’s defense of homosexuality, as he has stated that while God created sex for marriage between a husband and wife, homosexuality doesn’t “offend God,” may not be sinful and that the Church should make allowance for same-sex “sexual companionship.” He also believes that men might saved apart from expressly knowing the biblical Christ, and says that his usage of profanity and blasphemy, including in “Gosnell,” is purposeful in order to show the world as it really is.

    The controversy does not involve any suggestion that New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho would share Klavan’s views, but rather that Klavan is being presented as a Christian — being invited to share his testimony and talk about working in Hollywood from a Christian perspective, while holding to beliefs that are significantly at odds with Scripture.

    In a recent blog post following the controversy, Wilson reiterated that he “selected Klavan’s testimony as [his] book of the month in 2017,” and still believes that it is “a great book” — even now knowing Klavan’s view on the damnable sin of homosexuality.

    The “Called” conference, scheduled for July 15-20 at New Saint Andrews, is stated to

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