Ex Planned Parenthood manager: Christian churches must stop ignoring the abortion holocaust

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    January 2, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – hol·o·caust – noun –  destruction or slaughter on a mass scale. This word, holocaust, is typically associated with the Nazi extermination of somewhere close to six million Jews. Why did the Nazis despise the Jews? Why were they tortured and persecuted? Was is simply because of their religion? Their Jewish heritage? What could be worse than the gas chambers? Or the trains overflowing with humanity? The Nazis referred to the trains as “The Final Solution.” Once a person was forced into a train, death was imminent.

    Fast forward a few decades. We are dealing with another holocaust – one of epic proportions. Today’s genocide is as illogical and evil as that of World War II. In fact, our current war on unborn children far surpasses the unbelievable loss inflicted by the Nazis. But this modern-day war on life comes not from a horrible Hitler-like dictator. Instead, the loss of life is inflicted by the most unlikely murderer imaginable – one’s own mother.

    World War II was the costliest war in history, in terms of deaths. Estimates are 56.4 million troops and civilians died. A catastrophic event, to be sure. But it pales in comparison to

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