Facebook Admits It’s a Publisher on Court Document

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    Facebook has been lying to Congress. Surprise. They have claimed they are not a publisher and are ‘only a platform’.  Zuckerberg has stated to Congress that he does not believe Facebook is a “media company.” But after Independent journalist Laura Loomer filed a lawsuit in the Southern District Court of Florida, Facebook admits it’s a publisher. In writing. On a court document. Oops. Oversight, wanna erase that? Too late. (The Gateway Pundit).

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    Facebook admits it’s a publisher.

    Will anyone care? Will Congress take note? Not likely on either count. Facebook filed a motion to dismiss her case. Never mind the damage they’ve caused her and many others like her (including Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children).

    Cul+++ure reported,

    Facebook’s new motion in its case against Loomer states, “to the extent Ms. Loomer’s claim targets Facebook’s decision to deactivate her accounts, it is also deficient. Under well-established law, neither Facebook nor any other publisher can be liable for failing to publish someone else’s message.

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    Loomer is suing Facebook after the Big Tech giant defamed her as “a dangerous individual trafficking in hate,” and banned her

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