Female Student Who Identifies as Male Suspended by Christian College After Obtaining Breast Reduction Surgery

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    GALLATIN, Tenn. — A female student at a Christian college in Tennessee was recently suspended after school officials learned that she underwent breast reduction surgery for “sex change” purposes. The college says that “attempting to alter one’s bodily identity constitutes a rejection of God’s design for humanity” and that students are aware of this stance.

    According to reports, Yanna Awtrey, 21, kept her struggle with her gender a secret from officials at Welch College in Gallatin — that is, until a roommate read her diary last year and informed those in authority.

    “I was under strict rules that I could only attend the college if I stayed with a Christian therapist and if I didn’t tell anyone else I was transgender or bisexual,” she told The Tennessean.

    She began taking hormone pills in January and began making plans to undergo a breast reduction operation.

    On Aug. 2, the day of the surgery, Awtrey sent a letter to the school to advise she was going to the hospital for a procedure, but didn’t say exactly what. She also made arrangements to stay with friends of her parents following the operation, but did not provide any details about why or what her plans were.

    “I did everything on my own in secret from the people around me,” Awtrey told BuzzFeed News.

    Not even Awtrey’s parents knew about the surgery, although they were aware that she struggled with her gender. Awtrey says that it was her

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