Financial Blacklisting of Conservatives Is on the Rise

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    On a daily basis, we hear how conservative and Christian voices are deplatformed by Social Media giants. Even though we are afforded a due process by the Constitution, the same right does not extend to us when dealing with Social Media giants. Without an explanation, these Social Media masters can blacklist you, causing you to lose your content, your audience, and your income. They provide no reasons and no due process.

    Matt Drudge warned us long ago not to get sucked into Social Media. He warned us to build our own nests, as he did, not relying on any Social Media platform to grow and develop your audience. Oh, how right he was. Most of us ignored those warnings because Social Media was too attractive to ignore. It sucked us in, and now we are under its totalitarian control. That is why visit and bookmark

    We can bash Social Media companies all day long but beating a dead horse won’t make it run again.  However, there is a scarier and more totalitarian wave of blacklisting heading our way, this wave will shut-out individual US citizens from the entire financial system. Conservative Christians will be blacklisted and kicked out from banks, having their personal and business credit cards revoked, their automobile and business insurance policies canceled, and even their prepaid cards tracked and canceled. This is the new and terrifying threat to our freedoms that we conservative Christians must now plan for.

    Breitbart reports: Financial blacklisting doesn’t just rob you of a chance to spread your message: it deprives you of your ability to do business, your livelihood, your very means of functioning in a capitalist society. Thanks to the encroachment of progressive ideology into the financial industry — including major credit card companies like Visa, Discover, and Mastercard — it has now become a reality.

    The government has the power to cut you and your business from the financial system if it does not like what you are doing, like following God. It has the power to force banks to cancel your account. Such is an example of a case that is currently happening in Boise, Idaho where the government not only froze assets of almost a dozen people but took assets of an entire church, the Morning Star Christian Church including cash and their building. Such abuse of power was not heard of before, until now. Some of the bank and credit cards that have canceled policies and refused to do business include, Zions Bank, Mountain West Bank (Glacier Bank), US Bank, American Express, Farm Bureau Insurance, and others.

    The Bible warned us long ago that such time would come,

    “so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.Revelation 13:17

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