First U.S. Man to Legally Identify as ‘Neither’ Renounces Transgenderism: ‘I Am and Have Always Been Male’

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    OCALA, Fla. — A former Oregon resident who became the first person in the United States allowed by a court to legally identify as “non-binary” (neither male or female) on his driver’s license has “renounced all ties to transgenderism” and has now declared in a blog post: “I am and have always been male.”

    “In my thirty plus year marriage, I am the husband. To my daughter, I am her father. I no longer identify as a transgender or non-binary person and renounce all ties to transgenderism,” wrote Jamie Shupe in a blog post last month.

    “I will not be a party to advancing harmful gender ideologies that are ruining lives, causing deaths and contributing to the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children,” he declared. “My history-making and landmark sex change to non-binary was a fraud based on the pseudoscience of gender identity. I am and have always been male. There should be no social or legal penalty for others to state that.”

    As previously reported, Shupe was born male, served in the military and married a woman. But in 2013, as he found himself struggling with his gender identity, Shupe decided to seek treatments that would make him look and feel feminine.

    “I figured I was a transgender woman. My thinking was, well, I’m not a male,” Shupe told reporters. “I was in a deep, dark depression because I had boxed myself into this male identity that I couldn’t stand anymore.”

    But after taking hormonal treatments and

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