Flashback: Joe Biden praised ‘Daughters of the Confederacy’ as ‘many fine people’ (Video)

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    During his tirade last week directed at an 83-year-old Iowan who had dared to broach the topic of his son Hunter’s position at Burisma, Joe Biden said, “The reason I’m running is I’ve been around a long time, and I know more than most people.” Whether the last part of his claim is accurate, the first part is beyond dispute. Having logged 36 years in the Senate, Biden has indeed been around a long time.

    So long in fact that the former vice president has said and done things he probably now wishes he hadn’t. Earlier this year, for example, NBC News published a reminder that “Biden didn’t just compromise with segregationists. He fought for their cause in schools.”

    Now the Daily Wire has unearthed another troubling reminder that the Democratic candidate with the greatest black support also once had praise for the “United Daughters Of The Confederacy.” But the problem doesn’t stop there. Note that in the video that follows, Biden calls the group “an organization made up of many fine people who continue to display the Confederate flag.”

    Joe Biden called the United Daughters Of The Confederacy “an organization made up of many fine people who continue to display the Confederate flag.”

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