Fleeting Depiction of Lesbian Mothers in ‘Toy Story 4’ Characterized as Being ‘Subtle to Desensitize Children’

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    The quiet and fleeting depiction of lesbian mothers in an opening scene of “Toy Story 4” is being praised by homosexual advocacy groups as a “small moment of normalization.” However, the cursory inclusion has also raised concern among some family organizations who opine that it is a “subtle [way] to desensitize children” to homosexuality.

    According to reports, in the beginning of the animated film, as Woody’s new owner, Bonnie, attends her first day of kindergarten, in the background — among the other children arriving for class — is a boy who is dropped off by two women. The women, who appear to be the child’s “mothers,” also embrace the boy as they return later at the end of the school day.

    “[I]t’s certainly not the major representation that queer people have been waiting for, but it’s still important. This is one of the biggest movies of the year, after all, and will be seen by millions of all ages around the world,” opined the UK Gay Times.

    “Here was a major family-friendly film, one of the biggest Disney Pixar releases, and they included a lesbian couple with their son. It’s a small moment of normalization, even if it’s minor,” The Mary Sue also remarked.

    The lesbian site Mombian was also pleased, additionally noting that actress Annie Potts, who voices Bo Peep, had a role as the mother of a lesbian in the television series “The Fosters.”

    But family groups said that while the depiction is fleeting, and

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