Florida Member of The Satanic Temple Convicted of Trespassing for Disrupting Government Meeting

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    PENSACOLA, Fla. — A Florida member of The Satanic Temple who is known for his objections to the promotion of Christianity by the government has been convicted of trespassing after disrupting a government meeting by standing in front of the dais and reciting the Lord’s Prayer, refusing to sit down or stop talking until the meeting was called to order.

    David Suhor, a member of the West Florida Chapter of The Satanic Temple, was sentenced on Monday to three months probation, 25 hours of community service, and a fine after being found guilty of trespassing and resisting arrest. He was was arrested in February during the incident at an Emerald Coast Utilities Authority meeting in Pensacola.

    According to video footage recorded by Suhor and others, Suhor stood at the dais and repeated the Lord’s Prayer aloud, which disturbed Chairwoman Lois Benson, who was attempting to “gather the people.” She warned Suhor that he was interrupting the meeting, along with other members of the board.

    “The chairwoman is trying to conduct business, sir,” attorney Bradley Odom called out.

    Suhor, who noted that the meeting had not yet been called to order, then said that he would pray silently.

    “You may pray silently. Thank you,” Benson said.

    However, Suhor continued to recite the Lord’s Prayer out loud, and Benson called for him to be removed.

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    “You’re creating a disturbance in a public space,” she said.

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