Food Deprivation, Beatings and Jail as Christians Suffer in Jharkhand, India

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    Food Deprivation, Beatings and Jail as Christians Suffer in Jharkhand, India

    HYDERABADIndia, April 11, 2019 (Morning Star News) – A longstanding Hindu extremist practice of turning animistic villagers against Christians has intensified as elections get underway in India today, with tribal villagers taught that Christianity is anti-Indian.

    Upset about tribal Adivasi relatives leaving the animistic Sarna religion to become Christians, 60-year-old Sanpitha Majhi attacked a 28-year-old Christian mother he believed had “forcefully converted” his daughter and son-in-law in eastern India’s Jharkhand state. Bale Murmu was washing utensils in an outdoor area of her home on April 1 and did not notice Majhi, her neighbor, coming toward her, pastor Girish Chander Marandi said.

    “Majhi with all his force pressed her breasts and pushed her to the floor,” Pastor Marandi told Morning Star News. “While he was kicking her in her stomach, his wife, Gouri Majhi, brought a wooden stick, and the couple beat her black and blue.”

    When her husband, Jaata Murmu, heard her screams and came to rescue her, he too was beaten, Pastor Marandi said.

    “Murmu suffered bruises all over her body and, her stomach and breasts were swollen,” he said. “We provided her first aid that night, and the next day we went to the police station.”

    Police refused to receive their complaint until they reminded officers that Majhi had also attacked Christians on Feb. 27, and they implored officers to take action, he said. In the previous assault, Majhi burst into

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