Former PBS show host Bill Nye, attacks Christians on Netflix

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    Tru News – The popular 90’s PBS children’s show host of “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, now intends on “saving” the world with his new Netflix series called “Bill Nye Saves The World”. Just how does the popular scientist plan on doing that? By mocking Christianity with vulgar depictions of sexual acts and discussing the different flavors of sexuality. PARENTS BEWARE! The show debuted on Netflix on April 21.

    From a children’s show back in the 90’s to a series attacking Christianity, popular scientist Bill Nye is at the center of much controversy today. The New York Times reports on one episode of “Bill Nye Saves The World” in which the character says before giving in to temptation:

    ‘Big ice cream in the sky, help me’

    The article goes to explain that a cartoon character named “Vanilla” speaks on the virtues of purity before a slew of other flavors — male and female — attempt to seduce him with suggestive dialog and behavior.

    “Come on, Vanilla. Nobody wants just one flavor of ice cream. Haven’t you ever wanted to be in a Neapolitan?” says one character.

    “Come on. It’s natural. All-natural cocoa,” says another.

    “And strawberry fresh from the field. And so creamy and delicious. Mmm,” says a male ice-cream cone.

    “Big ice cream in the sky, help me,” Vanilla prays before licking a male character.

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at Tru News

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