Francis Chan Defends Speaking at Events With False Teachers to Be ‘Most Effective,’ But to Exercise More ‘Caution’ and ‘Safeguards’

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    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Speaker and author Francis Chan has responded to concerns surrounding photographs that recently surfaced of Chan with Todd White and Benny Hinn at the evangelism event “The Send,” advising that he has formed a team to assist him with researching speakers at future events as it had not been a practice for him to do so. While he will still attend events that others disagree with, Chan said that his goal is to provide biblical teaching in those places, and is seeking to put “safeguards” into place so it does not come across that he endorses false teachers.

    “This current experience has caused me to consider exercising more caution and to develop a team to help me research,” he said in a blog post published to We Are Church on Saturday.

    As previously reported, some expressed concern last month after Todd White posted a photo of Chan embracing White in prayer at “The Send,” and event organized by Lou Engle (who knelt to kiss a Catholic leader’s shoe at Azusa 2016 as an act of “reconciliation”), and featuring speakers such as Benny Hinn, Bill Johnson of Bethel, and Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer (IHOP).

    The event was described on its website as a “collaborative gathering,” and seemed to have the goal of bringing together those with differing views, as it stated, “We believe the only way to see nation-wide impact is through uncommon collaboration.”

    “A lover of God and devoted

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