From the minds of babes: Anti-American art to hang in the halls of Congress

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    In 2017, I recommended that the U.S. Congressional Art Competition be renamed the “America Sucks Art Competition” or that the annual event be done away with altogether. Now I’m thinking we should opt exclusively for “Door Number 2.”

    For those unfamiliar with the contest, the House of Representatives website explains:

    Each spring, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide high school visual art competition to recognize and encourage artistic talent in the nation and in each congressional district.

    Winning artworks, which are selected by House members, are displayed in the U.S. Capitol.

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    In 2016, one of the works chosen was by a black teenager from St. Louis and depicted police as having pigs’ heads shooting up a black neighborhood. In 2017, a painting of a burka-clad Statue of Liberty graced the walls of Congress. (You can imagine the reaction of House Democrats if the colossus had instead been portrayed as a nun.)

    This year’s honorees include Dominick Cocozza, 17, of Virginia, whose painting — titled “Immigration” — shows two solemn-looking Hispanic children holding a sign reading “Bring Our Mom Back.”


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