‘Genderfluid’ Calif. Drag Queen Running for US Congress

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    LOS ANGELES — A drag queen from California who identifies as “genderfluid” has announced his run for U.S. Congress and is vying in his drag persona for the congressional seat of Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.

    “It really took a minute for people to take me seriously, to realize that I’m not doing this as a stunt, I’m not doing this as a statement,” the candidate, who goes by his stage name Maebe A. Girl, told PEOPLE. “I’m doing this to run an election and win it.”

    Maebe already was elected in April to serve on the local Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, and is responsible the formation of the Silver Lake LGBTQIA Advocates Committee.

    He uses his drag name in office and says that he decided to likewise run for Washington in drag because “I have a more powerful voice when I’m in drag” as “[p]eople can’t ignore you.”

    While most drag performers still identify as male when out of their costumes and makeup, the Los Angeles-area performer, who is known for his impersonations/mockeries of Melania Trump, Betsy DeVos and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, identifies as genderfluid. Maebe prefers the pronouns “she” or “they.”

    “Whenever I’m in full drag, it doesn’t feel like a costume, it just feels like an extension of me,” he told Los Angeles Magazine.

    According to Maebe’s website, the Democratic candidate’s platform includes “LGBTQIA rights,” women’s rights, immigration rights, homelessness and poverty, gun reform and healthcare.

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