George Soros Claims New Global Financial Crisis Coming, ‘The European Union is in an existential crisis’

    Updated: May 29, 2018 at 8:24 am EST  See Comments

    The infamous George Soros warned on Tuesday that a new global financial crisis is brewing. The Billionaire continued that the European Union is facing an imminent existential threat. Stating that; ‘Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.’

    Citing the Iranian Nuclear deal termination and the collapse of the transatlantic alliance between the European Union and the United States, Soros stated that the effects are “bound to have a negative effect on the European economy and cause other dislocations.” Furthering, Soros stated that; “We may be heading for another major financial crisis.”

    Soros continued with the narrative that “everything that could go wrong has gone wrong,” blaming the new potential crisis on the ‘territorial disintegration’ exemplified by Brexit. “It is no longer a figure of speech to say that Europe is in existential danger; it is the harsh reality,” he said.

    “The euro has many unresolved problems, and they must not be allowed to destroy the European Union,” he said.

    George Soros, the globalist, has determined that a financial crisis may be on the horizon because the world is walking back from regional integration, in other words, it appears as though that the billionaire investor is stating that Economic Nationalism is posing an existential threat to their view of the global economy.

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    Arrest him and execute him for crimes against humanity.


    He has been the cause of economic crises for a pretty long time now.

    Jack King
    Jack King

    Sub-prime auto loans,govt take over of student loans,massive nanny plantation state,failed trade deals,$10 trillion new debt,$150 billion a year to take care of criminal illegals,… Read more »

    John Books
    John Books

    He & Hilary are still ticked about Trump becoming President…SOROs has to create chaos when there isn’t any. He is the king of fake news… Read more »


    The next crises will be caused by Soros and the globalists, unchecked immigration. All the elites care about is making money and destroying everyone else.

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