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Published: October 22, 2019

‘Go Home!’ John MacArthur’s Sharp Rebuke of Beth Moore, Decry of Feminism Sending Shock Waves


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Influential pastor and speaker John MacArthur is causing no small stir after saying that popular speaker Beth Moore should “Go home,” and stating that feminism has taken a hold of evangelicalism.

MacArthur, who last week was speaking at the “Truth Matters Conference,” a celebration to honor his 50th year in ministry, weighed in on an ongoing debate in the Southern Baptist Convention over women preachers by stating that the nation’s largest so-called Protestant denomination has lost faith in the authority of the Bible.

During a question and answer forum, moderator Todd Friel, a former stand-up comic turned talk-show host, asked John MacArthur what his thoughts where on Beth Moore after a lot of back-and-forth joking.

“Dr. MacArthur, Beth Moore?”

“How many words do I get?” MacArthur asked.

“You know, actually, before you answer this please think carefully this time ’cause last time you did a one-word association the guy wrote a book about it, and we don’t want that,” Friel stated.

MacArthur responded by saying, “Go home.”

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The audience responded with an eruption of roaring laughter and applause.

“There is no case that can be made biblically for a woman preacher – period, paragraph, end of discussion,” the 80-year-old preacher added to more applause.

“So let me see if I can get a clarification on that,” Friel jokingly stated. “Got one. Phil anything to add?”

“No, the word that comes to

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