Gov Polis Townhall Goes Awry – Security Yanks Grandmother to the Floor

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    LaDonna Robertson is a grandmother. She also had recent back surgery. She is not fond of Colorado Gov Polis because of the left-leaning policies he espouses. When a Polis Townhall was scheduled in Colorado Springs, a group called Official Recall Governor Polis went, believing it to be a normal Townhall where they could share their thoughts. She paid for her presence with injuries… AFTER the Townhall was over.

    The moment when LaDonna falls across the chairs after being yanked by security- screenshot

    No Freedom of Speech at the Polis Townhall

    The Polis Townhall was not a normal one. Though people were told that it would be open seating, it was not. The first 7 rows were reportedly blocked off for “VIP” only. There would be no opportunity for citizens to voice their opinions on any issue whatsoever. After the meeting was over, things turned ugly.

    LaDonna and others told us that there was no one at the event to tell attendees that banners and signs were not allowed. There was no advance notice of the rules, even though they claimed so after the incident. LaDonna brought with her a green scarf that read “Official Recall”

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