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    Gun Grab, amid the US sanctions? New sanctions on Russia bans the import of Ak-47 rifles and Saiga Shotguns! This comes directly before the MH17 plane was shot down! Wonder what will come of the supposed findings of the plane being shot down. Only time tells. However the plane being shot down is something of concern, because many are reporting that the plane never even took off from the ground. Also that the video was a fake as well. Technology these days can do a lot of things, and unfortunately the sickness that lives in the government can and will do something of that nature! For more information please watch the video below for the latest headlines from Crusaders2127.


    Freedom through deliverance, freedom through standing up, and freedom through telling the truth. The truth these days is covered with lies. So sifting through all the lies to get to the bottom is the hardest thing to do. However there is only one form of truth that keeps on revealing time and time again, and that is Jesus Christ. If you are not saved to day, get so!

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