Heartbreaking, Man Mugs a Senior Citizen Leaving Bible Study

    Updated: May 8, 2018 at 3:26 pm EST  See Comments

    While leaving Bible study a 70-year-old woman was mugged and left lying face down in the parking lot after the mugger drove away. As her purse was torn off of her body she fell face first onto the asphalt according to Nashville police. Her fall caused broken bones in her hand and facial injuries.

    The now viral video from surveillance cameras mounted near the Lebanon Road Church of Christ in Lebanon Pike shows the heartbreaking robbery.

    A silver Dodge 1500 truck pulls up alongside the woman as she is walking from the Bible study to her car. The driver is believed to be 48-year-old Gilbert D. Ostring Jr. He approached the woman asking questions about a nearby shelter, and once she engaged, he quickly yanked her purse out of her hands and drove off nearly hitting her as she fell.

    “This is something that should never happen, much less to a female senior citizen leaving a church Bible study,” the Metropolitan Nashville Police Dept. said in a statement.

    An arrest warrant has been issued for Ostring, who police say is an ex-con with prior convictions for theft, forgery, identity theft, fraudulent use of credit cards, and reckless aggravated assault. He got out of state prison in June 2017.

    Ostring is still believed to be driving the Dodge truck, which has a Tennessee license number 8K76T3.


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