High school teacher faces sacking for refusing to call female student ‘he’ or ‘him’

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    WEST POINT, Virginia, December 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A high school teacher in the Virginia town of West Point has been placed on paid administrative leave for refusing to refer to a gender-confused student by “trans” pronouns, but other students have rallied in support of him.

    Peter Vlaming is a French teacher at West Point High School who found himself in hot water for referring to a female student who considers herself male as “she,” WRIC reports. He says he agreed to honor her masculine name and avoid applying female pronouns to her, but draws the line at using inaccurate male pronouns. That isn’t enough for the powers that be, however.

    “Administration is requiring that I use masculine pronouns in any and every context at school,” he said. “I was informed that any further instances of using female pronouns would be grounds for termination.”

    The school confirmed it has placed Vlaming on paid administrative leave and will hold a public hearing this afternoon at his request. It claims it “has followed and will continue to follow Virginia Code and all local policies and procedures relating to licensed staff members,” but declined to give further specifics, citing “employee and student

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