Hillary Clinton Email Scandal: What Was Found, What Hasn’t Been Done

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    The State Department conducted an investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal – the investigation was completed in September. Almost 600 violations were found in the 33,000 emails reviewed.

    What they found

    The Washington Examiner noted:

    The State Department identified nearly 600 security violations in its now-completed review of email records of dozens of former agency officials and aides to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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    The investigation, which covered the 33,000 emails Clinton provided for review, found 91 “valid violations” attributable to 38 individuals, some of whom may face disciplinary action. Another 497 violations could not be tied to any specific person…

    …The 36-month inquiry sought to determine “if any of the emails under review represented a failure to properly safeguard classified information” and whether any individuals could be determined to bear individual responsibility. Investigators reviewed thousands of documents, received hundreds of statements, and met with dozens of current and former State Department employees. The review was completed on Sept. 6.

    It is unclear if any of the 38 people still work for the State Department,  and if they do, what punishment they will receive.  It’s that lack

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