How a homeless war vet taught my family to trust God

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    December 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) My daughter and I were out Christmas shopping recently, attending a local winter farmer’s market, washing the car and running some errands. 

    It was a beautiful weekend day, unseasonably warm for mid-December, making the coming-and-goings more pleasant.

    On our way into one stop, we happened to pass by a homeless gentleman seated outside the store. 

    He sat with his eyes down, and had a sign placed nearby that said, “house burned down, vet, God bless.” 

    There’s been an increase in people standing at various Des Moines intersections asking for money with signs describing their respective situation, as I imagine is the case in other places. While I’ve certainly been approached for money in parking lots, this was the first time we’d encountered someone sitting outside a retail store in this fashion. 

    My daughter and I were moved and discussed continually what we could do to help while completing our errand.

    The man was just as hesitant to make eye contact when we left as when we’d gone in.

    We went to the Chick-fil-A nearby and got him a meal and gift card.

    I’d left it to my daughter, who’s 21, to decide which one of

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