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    Many people wonder and some ask directly, “How can we support HNewsWire?” A news channel like ours is so anti-left and outside the mainstream media that all the conventional methods of supporting our content don’t work. Not surprisingly, we often get blacklisted for telling the truth.

    No Worries! Our goal is to rock the mainstream media boat, make waves that impact society, and expand God’s Kingdom. We provide facts that other news media conglomerates withhold for fear or self-serving liberal agendas. We however, shout TRUTH from the mountaintops to force a conversation about how secular culture engages in an all-out-war against Jesus Christ. Our hope is to awaken the saints.

    So we came up with a plan to support our efforts and fulfill our piece of the “Great Commission.” Whenever you click on one of the links below and purchase something from Amazon, we receive a small percentage of the sale. Whatever you purchase after clicking an affiliate link helps us maintain this website and provide the content that you love.

    We also welcome like-minded people who want to advertise on our site. You can list your business, product or service on our website directly by clicking here! Our prices are a mere fraction compared to advertising on Google Ads or other similar platforms. Moreover, your ad will be seen by thousands of people for mere pennies on the dollar by comparison.

    Thank you for your SUPPORT!

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    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at HNewsWire

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