How Trump brought Christmas back to America

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    December 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – President Donald Trump was introduced by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke at the 2018 lighting of the National Christmas Tree as the “man who brought Christmas back to America.”

    It’s a big claim to make. Can it possibly be true? 

    Left-leaning media often like to take advantage of claims like this, mocking those who try to cast Trump as if he were the lead role in “Ernest Saves Christmas,” as Vanity Fair put it. 

    When Trump campaigned in 2016 on the promise that America was going to start saying “Merry Christmas” again, his critics accurately pointed out with video evidence that Obama had never actually stopped saying “Merry Christmas.”

    When, after Trump’s inauguration, conservatives began celebrating what they saw as the new president’s overthrowing of the “War on Christmas,” they were soundly mocked for thinking there had been a war in the first place. 

    This leads to the big question: Did Christmas really leave America under Obama and his administration? Has Trump really brought Christmas “back”?

    The only way to go about answering this question is to compare how the two presidents have commemorated Christmas. There are no better examples of this than the presidential addresses

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