Human remains found believed to be of missing Georgia woman

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    On Friday, the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office in Bremen, GA., said in a statement that human remains have been found in western Haralson County, Georgia that are believed to be those of the missing Georgia woman, Jessica Victoria Earl.

    A few weeks ago, a property owner on Mt. Zion Church Road was out working on his property when he came across what he thought was a T-shirt but when he picked it up, was actually a tattered backpack. Later that evening when he got home, his wife looked through the bag and discovered a wallet with the identification belonging to Jessica Victoria Earl.

    The property owners contacted the Sheriff’s office. The bag and its contents were processed and placed into evidence.

    Several searches were done during that week including searches with local cadaver dogs, searches on foot and then another search on Saturday with dogs that specialize in human remains detection with the K-9 Alpha Search and Rescue Team out of Atlanta.

    The Alpha Team dogs showed interest in two areas but the growth was so thick in the bottoms area we were searching that they were unable to find any remains. The growth was at least knee high and

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