Hurricane Dorian Batters the Bahamas, Is Expected to Move towards North Carolina

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    Hurricane Dorian Batters the Bahamas, Is Expected to Move towards North Carolina

    Hurricane Dorian has continued to devastate vast swathes of the Bahamas as it edges west towards the east coast of America.

    The vicious weather front has caused an absolutely staggering level of flooding across the series of islands, with the Grand Bahama International Airport and the town of Marsh Harbour on Abaco Island being completely submerged in water.

    As it arrived in the region, the hurricane had whipped up winds of over 185 mph and built into a lethal category five storm, according to the BBC. Unfortunately for residents of the Bahamas, Dorian is not moving on very quickly. Indeed, the most recent update from the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) located Dorian just north of Grand Bahama, which is home to roughly 50,000 people – the storm has moved just 12 miles in an entire day.

    Authorities in the Bahamas have logged countless distress calls, with many desperately trying to escape flooded homes.

    “We stuck right here, please pray for us,” one woman could be heard saying in a video shared by WFLA reporter, Josh Benson. “Pray for Abaco, please, I’m begging you. My baby is only four-months-old. Our apartment building.. the whole roof came off.”

    Fox News reported incidents including a 5-month-old baby stranded on a roof and a grandmother who was forced to cut a hole in a roof to escape rising floodwaters with her six grandchildren.

    “We are in the midst of a

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