‘I Don’t Like the Demon’: Parkland School Shooter Told Police Detective He Heard ‘Voice’ Telling Him to ‘Burn, Kill, Destroy’

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    PARKLAND, Fla. — A newly-released transcript of the police interrogation of Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz reveals that Cruz repeatedly asserted that he had been hearing a “voice” or a “demon” inside of himself instructing him to “kill [and] destroy” and to hurt other people and himself.

    Cruz, 19, told Broward County Sheriff’s Office Detective John Curcio in February that the voice began fifteen years ago when his father died and became worse after his mother passed away. He said that he started hearing the voice in the afternoon, and then it would talk to him at night, describing it as a “voice with no name, telling me what to do.”

    “It’s another voice; the evil side,” Cruz outlined, stating that it was a male voice around his age, which he also described as his “bad side.” “The voice is in me … In here.”

    “What does it tell you to do?” Curcio asked at one point. “Burn. Kill. Destroy,” Cruz replied.

    He said that, at first, he began starting fires in the fire pit in obedience to the voice, and then the voice also told him to kill animals, so he would shoot wild birds.

    Cruz stated that the day before the shooting, while he was at work, the voice instructed him to “hurt people.”

    He asked Curcio for a psychologist during the interrogation as he wanted to “find out what’s wrong with me.” When asked if he feared anything by not obeying the voice, Cruz

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